Golden carp lake

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Golden Carp Lake

If they say that Ruma – Stara Pazova – Pećinci form a regular triangle, then Donji Petrovci would be in the middle of that triangle. At the very end of Donji Petrovac there used to be the Basiana pond, and today it is the Golden Carp Lake.

The lake has been completely renovated, both the lake itself and the surroundings. We put a lot of effort into cleaning the bottom of the lake, the outdoor space arrangement, and cleaning the shore of the lake.

The lake has an area of about 3 ha and has 12 organized fishing positions. Each position has electricity in the summer house and each position can be reached by car. We are currently working on the construction of restaurants, toilets, showers. Beginning of the season is planned for April 2023.

The bottom of the lake is in 3 levels below the platform 2m, then it goes to 2.5m and then to 3m (at each transition into the depth there are stone plateaus of 20-25m2 each). The lake is stocked with 1000 specimens of carp and grass carp (from 5kg to 20kg).

The lake is intended for deep-sea fishing, and the feeder is prohibited.

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