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Golden Carp Lake
Golden Carp Lake
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Golden Carp Lake
Restaurant with domestic cuisine
Golden Carp Lake
Relaxation and enjoyment
Golden Carp Lake
Competitive and recreational fishing
Golden Carp Lake
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Golden Carp Lake

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Fishing Lake

Golden Carp Lake

Catch and release

Fishing activities at Golden Carp Lake are conducted exclusively on the principle and in accordance with the concept of "Catch and Release".

Fishing positions

Large lake area and neatly kept pathway leading to more than 20 fishing positions with arranged space for your fishing gear and other equipment...

Fish stock

A large fish stock (the lake is stocked with over 1000 specimens of carp and grass carp with an average weight of 5 kg to 20 kg).

About Golden Carp Lake...

If they say that Ruma – Stara Pazova – Pećinci form a regular triangle, then Donji Petrovci would be in the middle of that triangle. At the very end of Donji Petrovac, there used to be the Basiana Pond, and today it is the Golden Carp Lake.
The lake has been completely renovated, both the lake itself and the surroundings. We put a lot of effort into cleaning the bottom of the lake, the outdoor space arrangement, and cleaning the shore of the lake.
The lake has an area of about 3 ha and has 12 organized fishing positions.

Each position has a built summer house with electricity and lighting as well as video surveillance. Each position can be reached by car.
There is a restaurant within the lake where fishermen and tourists alike will be able to enjoy themselves. Our guests will also have access to 2 showers, 2 toilets, 1 outdoor shower, and much more…

Godlen Carp Lake short video presentation

What other say about us...

"Nice space to enjoy and relax, very nicely arranged approach as well as fishing positions."
Ivan Petrović
"In addition to the exceptional space, Golden Carp Lake also offers an excellent restaurant with a wide selection of food."
Dragan Milutinović
"A beautiful space to relax with the family and the restaurant is a hit."
Ivana Babić