1. Upon arrival at the lake, it is mandatory to report to the lake staff for registration and control of fishing equipment and food.

2. Day time fishing – from 07:00 to 19:00. Night time fishing – from 19:00 to 07:00.

3. Permitted fishing is exclusively deep lake fishing (carp fishing).

4. Fishing with 3 rods is allowed (4 rods surcharge) price 500 rsd per day.

5. One hook per rod is allowed.

6. The minimum length of the fishing rod is 3m and the maximum is 4m.

7. The maximum length of the apron is 30 cm.

8. Minimum allowed thickness of nylon is 0.28mm.

9. Mandatory use of weigh slings – 60x60cm (if you don’t have one, you can rent one at the lake).

10. It is forbidden to take pictures with the fish in a standing position, taking pictures may only be done above the Carp Cradle (each position has its own cradle).

11. The fish must be returned safely and as soon as possible to the water using a “Sling”.

It is forbidden to keep fish in sacks (nets)

12. Shock lead with string allowed on the SPOD rod

On fishing rodes, a shock lead with a maximum thickness of 0.40 mm nylon is allowed

13. Fixed system and zig rig prohibited.

14. Three-pronged hooks are not allowed.

15. Minimum hook size BR 8.

16. Prohibited raking (sudden withdrawal)

17. Prohibited use of powdered food and live baits.

18. FEEDER fishing and float fishing are not allowed.

19. Permitted feeding with cooked grain food (maize, wheat, bird food). -Permitted use of pellets and boilies. The use of PVA material is allowed

20. The limit of spod food is 10 kg + 5 kg of boila per day

21. Harassment of other anglers on the water is not allowed (excessive noise and commotion)

22. Bathing and swimming are prohibited.

23. After fishing, leave the position in order as it was found.

24. Remote control boats are not allowed.

25. Tigernuts baits are now allowed.